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Gillies Cleaning was set up in 2006.

Jamie Gillies Started with just a bucket and a ladder and then later introducing the Pure Water Pole System in 2008 after having a close call when he fell from a ladder. He was then joined by his brother Greg in 2010. Jamie and Greg’s Philosophy has always be kind and polite to customers and always try and work hard to achieve what the customer wants at a reasonable price. By sticking to that philosophy we believe that’s why Gillies cleaning has grown so rapidly over the years and also why most of the customers Jamie started with in 2006 are still with Gillies cleaning today.

in the more resent years we have exspanded are servies massively and we are know for being thurer and providing outstanding results.

jamie left for Irland in 2019 and has now married and setteld over there.

Meg Gillies

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