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English dictionary: If a house has curb appeal, it looks attractive from the outside, so that people want to buy it….

Gillies cleaning, for many years, has been working with homeowners and commercial clients helping them prepare their homes/premises for sale. The selling process has been the same for many years i.e. prepare your home/premises for the sale.

Your home gets viewed by prospective buyers. Sometimes you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Of course you focus on beautifying the indoors but what about the exterior? Prospective buyers will view the exterior twice per viewing….on the way in and on the way out….why not make the exterior look more attractive….curb appeal!!

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National Association of Estate Agents

Fact – 1

Prospective buyers will drive by your home and the area 7 times before deciding on a viewing.

Fact – 2

Homes prepared for sale on average sell quicker with less viewings.

Fact – 3

Homes prepared for sale on average has a 14% higher asking price.

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